JAN 13- FEB 21, 2023



Friday, January 13th, Matthew 7:9-11 – Read More


Saturday, January 14th, Jude 4 Read More


Sunday, January 15th, Genesis 7:2,3 – Read More

DAy 4

Monday, January 16th, Habakkuk 1:12 – Read More


Tuesday, January 17th, Esther 1:20Read More


Wednesday, January 18th, John 16:12 – Read More

DAy 7

Thursday, January 19th, Isaiah 14:8 – Read More


Friday, January 20th, Jude 16Read More


Saturday, January 21st, Isaiah 48:2  – Read More

DAy 10

Sunday, January 22nd, Matthew 14:26 – Read More

DAY 11

Monday, January 23rd, Jeremiah 8:10Read More

DAY 12

Tuesday, January 24th, Micah 1:12  – Read More

DAy 13

Wednesday, January 25th, Jeremiah 12:16 – Read More

DAY 14

Thursday, January 26th, Genesis 1:16-18Read More

DAY 15

Friday, January 27th, Haggai 1:11 – Read More

DAy 16

Saturday, January 28th, Jude 18 – Read More

DAY 17

Sunday, January 29th, Habakkuk 1:14 Read More

DAY 18

Monday, January 30th, Matthew 10:8 – Read More

DAy 19

Tuesday, January 31st, Isaiah 49:12 – Read More

DAY 20

Wednesday, February 1st, Ezra 10:12 Read More

DAY 21

Thursday, February 2nd, Isaiah 10:1-2 – Read More

DAy 22

Friday, February 3rd, John 14:20 Read More

DAY 23

Saturday, February 4th, Habakkuk 1:10 Read More

DAY 24

Sunday, February 5th, Romans 10:15 – Read More

DAy 25

Monday, February 6th, John 15:10 Read More

DAY 26

Tuesday, February 7th, Isaiah 53:4 Read More

DAY 27

Wednesday, February 8th, Nahum 1:10 – Read More

DAy 28

Thursday, February 9th, Jude 12:13 Read More

DAY 29

Friday, February 10th, 1 Kings 1:12 Read More

DAY 30

Saturday, February 11th, Jeremiah 10:4 – Read More

note from pastor JOHN

As we begin 2023, truthfully, things are not “looking up” in our world. Only with the Lord’s help will people experience peace this year. Financial pressures, relationship stresses, political turmoil, wars, sickness, a growing distrust of leaders and media, mean that 2023 will be a year of disquiet in our world. But then there is God. We can turn to Him and ask for His help. “He has never failed us, yet”, as the worship song we sang in the January 1st worship service reminds us. So, in this year’s 40 Days of Prayer let us turn to God, possibly as never before. 
We will send out each Monday the next week’s schedule via email, also posting it on our church’s What’sApp Prayer Wall page, our FaceBook page, and our website ( We encourage you to have a journal or notepaper on which to write down your thoughts and anything the Lord is saying to you. What you write down is completely private; we will not be asking for a report. 
For each of the 6 weeks, we will have verses from the Bible to memorize. This first week is 1 John 1:10 – If we claim we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar and His word has no place in our lives. 
This is our 9th year of praying collectively for 40 Days. We will do again this year what we have done in the past: start on the 40th day before the Season of Lent begins, finishing on Shrove Tuesday (February 21st). We will begin with an online Prayer meeting on ZOOM, this Friday at 7 pm. The link for that meeting is: Meeting ID: 7804341663; Passcode:1663. We will hold a Prayer Meeting every Friday of the 40 Days of Prayer at this time, via ZOOM.